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Employees contribution in customer satisfaction, customer retention Dissertation

Employees contribution in customer satisfaction, customer retention and customer loyalty in SME retail organization like SUPERVA - Dissertation Example The peripheral economies have not been able to restructure their economies and introduce reforms to enhance productivity and competitiveness of their economies. 1.1.2 The Irish Economy The Irish economy has been one of the most successful in the world but it has also been among the hardest hit during the economic recession (European Commission, 2012). Up to 2007 Ireland experienced strong economic growth and the living standards in Ireland caught up with the world standards. This occurred as more number of workers entered the labor market. Additionally, higher levels of education resulted in better productivity. EU being declared as a single market made Ireland an attractive destination for inward investments. Between 2002 and 2007 the economy experienced high growth rates but this was at the cost of the Irish households building up personal debts. The real estate sector surged forward to due to increase in bank lending. Due to this, the balance sheets of banks grew disproportionatel y large compared to the size of the economy. In addition to the deposit base, the introduction of the Euro encouraged short-term borrowing from overseas. Risky lending practices by the banks proved to be damaging for the economy and this was evident when the property bubble burst (European Commission, 2012). Because of these anomalies the Irish banks were vulnerable to the global recession in 2007. The collapse of Lehman Brothers, investment bankers of US, led to severe tension in the global financial markets which led to deposit outflows at the Irish banks. 1.1.3 SME Retail sector in Ireland The retail sector in Ireland comprises of over 20,000 food and non-food retailers, mostly SMEs, being both Irish and International in origin (IBEC, 2012). The retail sector employs over 240,000 employees. Retailing offers people career in their own locality. The retail SMEs have invested heavily in the sector in the last decade. As a result of recession, the retail market has shrunk by over one -fifth in the terms of value. The retailers were forced to reduce prices, which in turn impacts the overall profits. However, the operating costs have not been affected due to inflexible rents, hourly pay rates, local authority charges and property service charges. The shrinking of the retail market compelled the retailers to seek help from the government. To enhance consumer spending, focus on employees has been considered a valuable agenda. This is based on the recommendation of Irish Business & Employers Confederation in its election manifesto ‘Delivering the Jobs Agenda’ (IBEC, 2012). 1.2 Competitive advantage through people Human resources are now considered valuable assets as there has been a rise in the status of knowledge workers (Sheehan, 2005). Based on the resource-based view of the firm, human capital has become the source of competitive advantage as Koch and McGrath (1996) contend that a highly productive workforce possess attributes that make it a highly v aluable strategic asset. This has led to the recognition of and commitment to human capital development; this has also caused the shift from traditional personnel management to refined HR practices. Competitive advantage can also be gained by recruiting people from diverse backgrounds regardless of ethnicity, age, gender and other individual characteristics (D’Netto and Sohal, 1999). 1.3 Motivation for Research Retailing is intensely competitive in Ireland as anyone can open a store. This has brought in many new

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Romeo and Juliet Essay Example for Free

Romeo and Juliet Essay Topic Sentence: Who, in your opinion, is most to blame for this tragedy? One of Shakespeare’s most known plays is the love story between Romeo and Juliet, which ends up as a tragedy. There are many different reasons and causes to why this tragedy occurred between the two young lovers, Romeo and Juliet, Friar Laurance, their parents and also the element of fate. Romeo and Juliet are two young lovers who seem to rush the love between each other by becoming married to after only a matter of hours of knowing each other. Friar Laurence who should have been smarter in his actions by marry the two which ending up causing this tragedy, also both Romeo and Juliets have a role that ended up causing their children a tragic end. . Finally, the element of fate comes into play we realise that their tragic deaths may have been predetermined and would be unchanged even if they decided to act differently to what they did. Romeo and Juliet contribute to their tragic end. Both Romeo and Juliet are two young teenagers who rush there love between each other and make important decisions without proper thought to what the consequence might be. Romeo and Juliet are both too naive and do not realise nor think about their actions before actually doing them. ‘ Had I ever loved before? ’ Romeo says this when he first lays eyes on Juliet, without even properly meeting her he is already madly in love with her. This is simple naivety, which causes both Romeo and Juliet not to think about their actions and results in the ultimate sacrifise, their own lives. As for Juliet who has never felt love before, shows how naive she really is by just thinking that she is in love without experiencing it before meeting Romeo. Due to Romeo and Juliet’s naivety and lack of thought, contribute massively to the tragedy that they both suffer. The Montague’s (Romeo’s family) and The Capulet’s (Juliet’s family) have been feuding for decades and has become as bad as them trying to kill each other when they see each other on the streets. This relationship between the two families cause a major problem between Romeo and Juliet when they first realise who their families are. Both Romeo and Juliet realise that they can not tell anyone that they were madly in love with each other because they knew that both of their families would not allow the relationship and they could not be away from each other. So in result of the feud between the two families Romeo and Juliet have to keep their love secret when it would of help their relationship if they could talk to their parents and receive advise to reconsider how fast they were rushing into things. Both Romeo and Juliet did not have this advice and it ended up causing a tragedy. Friar Laurence has a major of role in the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. Friar Laurence ends up making four fatal mistakes, he gave a poison to Juliet, he trusted someone else with a letter of great significance to deliver to Romeo, he married the two and he fled when Juliet was in the most danger at the tomb. His biggest mistake was the horrible advice and decision making that he made when he first found out about Romeo and Juliet’s secret love for each other. Both Romeo and Juliet were too naive to understand the full extent of the situation, however Friar Laurence being a much older man with much more wisdom and knowledge acted in a way that ended up causing the tragedy to occur. If he had been wiser and gave both Romeo and Juliet advice that they needed and not gone along with their plan to un-thought plan, the end up result would have been different. Fate is a major element in the play Romeo and Juliet. The element of fate is a power that predetermines events in your life and is unchangeable or is certain destiny. It is irreversible. From the first page of the play we hear about fate, Romeo and Juliet are mentioned as `star-crossed lovers meaning that fate will bring them together. It also says that their love is `death markd which means that their fate will be tragic. This suggest to us that the end up result was always going to be the same no matter of what different actions Romeo and Juliet made. The Fate of Romeo and Juliet’s love could also be questioned as unlucky and coincidental. The Montague boys are accidently invited to the Capulet’s â€Å"feast† were Romeo and Juliet meet. Friar Laurences second letter is never sent to Romeo because Romeos cousin reaches Romeo before the letter ever has a chance. Romeo arrives at the tomb just before Romeo sees Juliet waking up and kills himself think she is dead, which results in Juliet killing herself. In conclusion I believe that Friar Laurence is mainly to blame for this tragedy between Romeo and Juliet. Both Romeo and Juliet were just too naive to think about their actions full effect, when Friar Laurence who is a much older and should have been much wiser did not think of the consequences when he really should of and gave them both horrible advice. That is why a believe Romeo and Juliet’s tragedy is to be blamed on Friar Laurence’s actions.

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Essay --

Aditya A R Flat no 102, E.S. Apartments, F-73, Madhura Nagar, Hyderabad, India, 500038 Tel: +91-8333820576 E-mail : Department of Computer Sciences, University of Pennsylvania Statement Of Purpose â€Å"What imagination makes possible, computer science makes real.† While there may be no limit to what technology can accomplish—from space travel to robots that can build cars—none of it is possible without key breakthroughs in computing theory, artificial intelligence, data analysis, and application design. For this reason, I want to develop a deep understanding of computing theory and applications that will serve as a springboard to future discoveries. Absorbing new technologies has always been a pleasure to me. I like to be ahead of others in knowing new technologies, and that’s why I want to study further. It is this desire that made me apply for the master’s degree in computer and information science at the University of Pennsylvania. During my Undergraduate degree program at SASTRA University, the area which was of special interest to me was the design and analysis of algorithms. My first encounter with algorithms was when I wrote code for the popular video game Pac-Man (in C++). Thereafter, I developed a liking for the subject and challenged myself with tougher algorithmic problems by participating in programming contests hosted on sites like Codechef , Sphere Online Judge and TopCoder. I stood 10th in India in the Codechef February challenge-2009 and was consistently ranked in top 200 in TopCoder. Later that year, our team of 3 members qualified for the Asian regionals of the prestigious ACM(Association For Computing Machinery) Inter-Collegiate Programming Contest . I also went on to top my department i... ...and innovative work, especially when it leads to practical applications. My ideal vision of a career has always been a job that involves creativity, innovation and flexibility. I am confident that higher education would give me the desired push towards a career in research and an opportunity to do well in my chosen field of interest. I am eager to work under the guidance of the distinguished faculty members of the University of Pennsylvania. I am convinced that the facilities in the department of computer and information science in your university will be very useful for dedicated involvement in research projects. I believe that the CIS program at UPenn is compelling enough to whet my appetite for solving difficult problems in the field of computing and the best impetus I can get to my career. It would be an honor to be accepted as a student in this institution.

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Zoecon Case Recommendation

The Problem(s). Does the South Delaware Coors distributorship offer sufficient investment potential given Mr. Brownlow’s current business and personal situation? Recommendation(s). Given Mr. Brownlow’s current business and personal situation operating the South Delaware Coors, Inc. distribution does offer sufficient investment potential. The following explanation is presented to evaluate the decision factors in the case. Profit Potential. From the studies conducted by Manson and Associates the potential profit can be estimated.The primary objective was to determine the investment potential of the distribution of Coors. As shown in Table 1, in order to break even, the South Delaware Coors distribution would need to sell $247,272 or 224,793 gallons to break even. This amount is not out of reach when calculating the market potential. The market potential calculated in Table 2. The table uses 2002 estimates to approximate the first full year of production for the South Dela ware Coors distribution. When total sale is multiplied with the wholesale price per gallon, the potential market for the distribution is 415,128 gallons.This potential market gallons sold is higher than the break even amount by 185%, creating a potential profit of $456,641. The industry demand also shows market potential by using the tax approach from Table E of the Manson study. The tax approach shown in Table 3 provides a look into the industry demand of beer in Delaware, where the average revenue of a wholesaler in 1997 was $799,944. Subtracted by the break-even cost, the tax approach shows revenue of $799,944 from the average revenue of a wholesaler.Comparing the break-even cost with the 1998 wholesaler revenue the profit increases 5. 8%, with estimated projected profit of $950,111 in 2002. Market share is shown in table 4. The market shares A, B and C are reflective of the good, better, best scenarios respectively. Even with the worst market share of 436,588. 2 gallons, it stil l surpasses the break even gallons by nearly double. The best market share scenario almost triples the breakeven point at 677,647. 7 gallons. Market and Competitive Environments.Since 1873, Coors has evolved into the fourth largest seller of beer in the United States, working on the philosophy of â€Å"hard work, saving money, devotion to the quality of the product, caring about the environment, and giving people something to believing in. † The impact of Coors on the competitive environments can be seen in the consumer and retailer questionnaire results from the Manson and Associate studies. Study G shows a large consumer following of Coors products with 70% of consumers with a â€Å"certainly will† intention to buy Coors. Similarly the retailer questionnaire, study H, showed 88. % of retailers â€Å"certainly will† sell Coors products. Public Acceptance. Coors’ history stands to show the acceptance in the quality of product Coors offers to their consume rs for over 140 years. Similarly, as with the market and competitive environment, 70% of consumers have the intention to buy Coors’ products. With this amount of anticipation from the consumers, there will most certainly be a spiked period of verbal advertisements from satisfied consumers. This type of advertisement is more powerful than any other advertisement because new consumers are more willing to try a new product when requested by someone they know.

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]Taking A Closer Look At Milgrams Shocking Obedience Study

Taking A Closer Look At Milgrams Shocking Obedience Study In the early 1960s, Stanley Milgram, a social psychologist at Yale, conducted a series of experiments that became famous. Unsuspecting Americans were recruited for what purportedly was an experiment in learning. A man who pretended to be a recruit himself was wired up to a phony machine that supposedly administered shocks. He was the learner. In some versions of the experiment he was in an adjoining room. The unsuspecting subject of the experiment, the teacher, read lists of words that tested the learners memory. Each time the learner got one wrong, which he intentionally did, the teacher was instructed by a man in a white lab coat to deliver a shock. With each wrong answer the voltage went up. From the other room came recorded and convincing protests from the learner — even though no shock was actually being administered. The results of Milgrams experiment made news and contributed a dismaying piece of wisdom to the public at large: It was reported that almost two-thirds of the subjects were capable of delivering painful, possibly lethal shocks, if told to do so. We are as obedient as Nazi functionaries. Would they go along with an experimenters instructions and deliver increasingly harsh electric shocks, up to 450 volts, when the learner made a mistake These studies also show how uniforms can impact decision making. This is apparent because in Milgram’s obedience study the researcher in the whiteShow MoreRelatedStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 Pages4 What Managers Do 5 Management Functions 6 †¢ Management Roles 6 †¢ Management Skills 8 †¢ Effective versus Successful Managerial Activities 8 †¢ A Review of the Manager’s Job 9 Enter Organizational Behavior 10 Complementing Intuition with Systematic Study 11 Disciplines That Contribute to the OB Field 13 Psychology 14 †¢ Social Psychology 14 †¢ Sociology 14 †¢ Anthropology 14 There Are Few Absolutes in OB 14 Challenges and Opportunities for OB 15 Responding to Economic Pressures 15 †¢ Responding to Globalization

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Management and Leadership Essay - 695 Words

Leadership and Management are two notions that are often used interchangeably. However, these words actually describe two different concepts. For this paper, I am going to try to discuss these differences and explain why both terms are thought to be similar. Leadership is just one of the many assets a successful manager must possess. Care must be taken in distinguishing between the two concepts. The main aim of a manager is to maximize the output of the organization through administrative implementation. To achieve this, managers must undertake the following functions:  ·nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Organization  ·nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Planning  ·nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Staffing  ·nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Directing†¦show more content†¦A leader is more emotional than a manager. â€Å"Men are governed by their emotions rather than their intelligence† (Fenton, 113). This quote illustrates why teams choose to follow leaders. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;â€Å"Leaders stand out by being different. They question assumption and are suspicious of tradition. They seek out the truth and make decisions based on fact, not prejudice. They have a preference for innovation† (Fenton, 113). nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Often with small groups, it is not the manager who emerges as the leader. In many cases it is a subordinate member with specific talents who leads the group in a certain direction. â€Å"Leaders must let vision, strategies, goals, and values be the guide-post for action and behavior rather than attempting to control others† (Predpall, 31). nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;When a natural leader emerges in a group containing a manager, conflict may arise if they have different views. When a manager sees the group looking towards someone else for leadership he may feel his authority is being questioned. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Groups are often more loyal to a leader than a manager. The leader taking responsibility in areas such as creates this loyalty:  ·nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Taking the blame when things go wrong.  ·nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Celebrating group achievements, even minor ones.Show MoreRelatedLeadership And Management And Leadership1569 Words   |  7 PagesLeadership is about seeking constructive change and management is about establishing order (Northouse, 2015). Warren Bennis (1997) wrote in  Learning to Lead: A Workbook on Becoming a Leader  that â€Å"There is a profound difference between management and leadership, and both are important. To manage means to bring about, to accomplish, to have charge of or responsibility for, to conduct. Leading is influencing, guiding in a direction, course, action, opinion. The distinction is crucial.† (Leiding,Read MoreManagement And Leadership : Leadership1023 Words   |  5 PagesManagement and Leadership In Leadership, Leadership, Leadership Are We All Chanting the Wrong Mantra, the authors says, â€Å"Leadership is simply management of higher level things† (McCormack, 2009, p.1) and that the leader manages the vision, people’s perception and their own behavior (p.1). McCormack continues his analysis by saying, â€Å"There are times when leadership simply cannot take place† (p.2). McCormack appears to believe that organizations and universities should not teach, encourage or tolerateRead MoreLeadership And Management : Leadership835 Words   |  4 PagesLeadership Verses Management The world is made up of leaders and managers. There are leaders and managers in every aspect of life. In many instances leadership and management are referred to as being the same. This paper will evaluate the differences between leadership and management. In today s organizations, leaders and managers are needed in order to operate successfully. Even though managers and leaders are different, they both have many similarities that will be discussed in this paperRead MoreLeadership And Management And Leadership1146 Words   |  5 Pages Leadership and Management Contrary to popular belief, the terms leadership and management are often thought of as hand in hand, but in retrospect they both have very strong different meanings and are not the same. There are some similar characteristics that can very much persuade some that they align in the same manner. They can be notably known as terms that are used interchangeably in the business world. â€Å"Management is a function that must be exercised in any business, whereas leadershipRead MoreLeadership Vs. Management : Leadership And Management1550 Words   |  7 Pagesauthor of On Becoming a Leader: The Leadership Classic, is best known for, that addresses why there is a difference between Leadership versus Management (Murray, What is the Difference Between Management and Leadership?, 2009). Just like most people, I use â€Å"leadership† and â€Å"management† interchangeably because one feels that they are probably the same thing or embody the same characteristics. Further di scussion will provide details on what leadership is, what management entails, and why they are differentRead MoreLeadership, Management And Management1081 Words   |  5 PagesLeadership and Management Businesses require some sort of hierarchy of power to be successful. They cannot operate on the basis that everyone has the same job level if they plan to make a profit. However, the individuals that are placed in the higher power positions fall into two categories, leaders and managers. Many would say these are the same thing, when in reality they are not. They are two different styles that are used when operating a business and using the right one at the right time isRead MoreLeadership, Management, And Management876 Words   |  4 PagesLeadership and Management Name Institutional Affiliation Leadership and Management The achievements of organizations depend on their management and the manner in which their leaders conduct several operations within the organization. It is worth mentioning that successful organizations attribute their positive impacts in the market and general employee-employer relation to the influence spearheaded by the management team (Hiriyappa, 2013). This paper narrows down to evaluateRead MoreLeadership And Management And Leadership1173 Words   |  5 PagesLeadership is a term that is often misunderstood and misinterpreted in the business world. In the world of CEOs, CFOs, vice-presidents and managers, it is important to distinguish the difference between what is considered management and what is considered leadership. While these two terms are not mutually exclusive, but it is imperative that they are not comprehended as mutually inclusive either. In this context, I will be comparing leadership and management as presented in the college textbookRead MoreLeadership And Management : Leadership1126 Words   |  5 PagesAs we know that, leadership is nothing. But the influencing flowers. Leadership includes three fundamental clusters of skills creating vision, garnering commitment to that vision, an managing progress toward the realization of that vision. powerful and effective leaders plays very vital role to reach the maximum production for any organization. This is why, Organizational renowned scholars have been studying of this very significant topic of leadership for literally hundreds of years. Because.Read MoreManagement Vs. Leadership : Management And Leadership1061 Words   |  5 PagesManagement vs. Leadership Introduction Presently many of us have learned that managers are primarily administrators who have learned to write business plans, utilize their resources and keep track of progress. We must learn that we are not limited by job title, and that means we can utilize our management skills in any position that we are in. We must also know that we can use our leadership skills in the same situations. On the other hand we have also learned that leaders are people who have

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Essay on Modernism in Visual Art and Writing - 487 Words

Modernism in Visual Art and Writing Modernism is unlike any other form of art the preceded it. It began in the late nineteenth century. Modernism is anti-traditional and against the rules. It is about looking for new things instead of accepting the old. Innovation and creation are important aspects of Modernism. It is introspective and subjective. Modernism includes a wide variety of different perspectives and multiple ways of doing things. There is no simple order in Modern works. They are full of discontinuity and fragmentation. Many Modern artists were rebellious because of angst and e’nnui. Modern artists are often considered to be borderline insane. What is the reason for all this craziness†¦show more content†¦For example, T.S. Eliot’s â€Å"The Waste Land† shows what war can do to a nation. Similar to this, Pablo Picasso shows his negative attitude towards war in Guernica. Both works show that a war can destroy everything good in a country. Emily Dickenson wrote poetry about how she felt trapped in her house and in her ways. She wished to be able to experience the outside world and all its beauty. Many artists chose to paint this beauty. For example, Van Gogh’s Sunflowers on Gold and Monet’s Bouquet de Mauves are both pictures of beautiful flowers. Another common theme in art is women. Pablo Picasso’s Woman with a Book and Salvador Dali’s Muchacha de Espalda are two very different pictures of a woman. In each picture, the woman seems to be sad or confused. Similar to this, the stories we read by women portrayed these same ideas about women. During the late nineteenth century, women were not allowed to become what they wanted to be. They were controlled and oppressed. Many writers, such as Dickenson, Virginia Woolf, and Leslie Marmon Silko, and artists used this as inspiration for their creations. It is easy to see that Modernism is a very distinguishable era of art. I find it interesting to be able to see the characteristics of the period in bothShow MoreRelatedThe Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald1651 Words   |  7 Pages Modernism is a philosophical movement that came along with cultural trends and changes. It is an international movement in European and American art, literature, and culture. It started from wide scale and far reaching transformations in Western society in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. World War 1 is often seen as a starting event of Modernism. The devastation of Western Civilization in the great war accelerated and strengthened Modernist thinking. Modernism was the most influentialRead MoreImpressionism as a Avant-garde Movement970 Words   |  4 PagesImpressionism is considered to be a visual articulation of the avant-garde and the latter statement is explained. References to the writings of Charles Harrison, Clement Greenberg and Wilhelm Worringer is used to theorise the aesthetics of modernity. â€Æ' 2. IMPRESSIONISM AS MODERN ART Modernism is the heartbeat of culture, or as Clement Greenberg (1992:754) states, modernism involves of what â€Å"is truly alive in our culture† and it includes more than just art and literature. Western civilizationRead MorePostmodernism And Its Influence On Modern Society1612 Words   |  7 Pagesthat emerges across and variety of disciplines. In its most basic form Postmodernism can be describes at â€Å"departure from modernism and is characterized by the self-conscious use of earlier styles and conventions, a mixing of different artistic styles and media, and a general distrust of theories† (Oxford Dictionary, 2010). So with this definition in mind we must look at modernism and the movement away from this to postmodernism. We will also look at the characteristic of postmodernism and how it isRead MoreThe Natural Evolution Of Readability And How It s Progression Reached Its Pinnacle Before The Beginning Of Post Modernism1989 Words   |  8 PagesVisual communica tion is the interaction of meanings and thoughts through visual stimuli. Usually in 2D visual communication covers a wide range of genres including art, ideograms, typography, photography, illustration, graphic design and many others. In this essay I will try to evidence the natural evolution of readability and legibility in visual communication and how it’s progression reached its pinnacle before the beginning of post-modernism. I will look as far back as the first known instancesRead MoreModernist Modernism : High Modernism Vs. Low Modernism1944 Words   |  8 Pages Modern or Modernist? High Modernism vs. Low Modernism Damian Sun 1238719 University of Waikato â€Æ' Modernism was a movement that was developed during the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century. Modernism developed due to the changes happening in societies at the time. Around the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century there was a rise in the industrial society’s where there were advancements in technologies and machines, and a rapid growths in cities. This lead to aRead MoreEssay about Summary and Analysis on Practices of Looking915 Words   |  4 Pagesunderstanding visual culture. Filled with numerous illustrations, the book observes how images play a very significant role in our everyday lives. The concepts of reproduction and demonstration relative to the times past of visual technologies are scrutinized in chapter four of the book. From the development of perspective in art to inventive movements such as Realism and Cubism, the chapter draws out the history of concepts of realism in images. It analyzes the occurrence of visual knowledge, fromRead MorePostmodernism Versace1781 Words   |  7 Pages Postmodernism Versace Introduction The passageway of modernism has introduced innovative components in the development of an individuals personality. The identity character as a social construct is highlighted through the effect that fashion has brought in, experimenting, producing and changing individual identity. The style and appearance of an individual is a portion of the fashions period and usually refers to the possibility of people to utilize fashion industry products. This takesRead MoreEssay William Carlos Williams and His Imagist Poetry2251 Words   |  10 Pages Modernism and Imagism, two movements in literature ,which were developed in the 20th century .At the beginning of the decade ,modernism was a revolution of style .Crime, depression, and materialism filled this era. Musician, artists,and writers broke away from technique to create a new art.Also, imagism brought fragmental and chaotic life where nobody felt secure and happy.After that,modernism was related with decent and realistic art formRead More Modernism vs Postmodernism Essay2441 Words   |  10 Pagescompetence of each art coincided with all that was unique to the nature of its medium. The task of self-criticism became to eliminate from the effects of each art any and every effect that might conceivably be borrowed from or by the medium of any other art. Thereby each art would be rendered pure, and in its purify find the guarantee of its standards of quality as well as of its independence. Purity meant self-definition, and the enterprise of self-criticism in the arts became one of self-definitionRead MorePost Modernism And Its Influence On Society1699 Words   |  7 PagesPost-modernism came about in the late-20th century following modernism, which was a period where people had a new found freedom to follow their own path in life, whether it was religion, science, philosophy, art, or really anything they put their mind to as opposed to strictly traditional beliefs. Writers could express their emotions more easily without really feeling a backlash from what everyone else thought. Two female writers who were able to freely express themselves in their writing during